Search Engine Optimization

It is one thing to have a nice mobile friendly website. It is another to make sure that people visit it and you get new leads and consumers through it. Our search engine optimization (SEO) team is ready to help you rank your website on the 1st page of Google!


There are many factors that must be considered when starting to optimize a website for search engines. The first is keyword research. For this very reason, we are pleased to provide you with a FREE Niche Phrases Finder. In order to use it, simply click here register your account. This will allow you to type in phrases that you believe people would use when searching for your product/service.


Once you have exhaused your niche phrases, the platform will provide you with a report that enables you to determine which key words we can easily help move to the 1st page of Google. If you wish to submit your top niche phrases to us for further analysis, we are more than happy to provide you with an estimated ROI for those phrases.

2 Methods of SEO

There is a LOT that goes into moving websites up the rankings and optimizing your website for keywords is only 1 phase of the process. Based on your needs and how your website is laid out, we have 2 methods of creating packages for any SEO we perform on your website.


Niche Phrase Focus

Using this method, we will create packages for you based on the NUMBER of Niche Phrases you want to monitor. This process starts with determining whether you are focused on local/regional searches or national/worldwide searches. We then help you select the number of niche phrases that you want to target based on goals and current budget.


Webpage Focused

This is a new method we are using for clients who might have a lot of data on key pages of their website. Using this process, we do not worry about how many niche phrases we are tracking, instead we focus solely on driving traffic to the targetted website pages. Most clients only need somewhere between 2-6 pages targetted. This is a very valuable method if you know that you want hundreds of niche phrases used to drive traffic to the targeted pages.

Get Started Today

If you find search engine optimization to be a little daunting, do not fear as we are here to help. We do not expect you to know all the possible niche phrases that people might use when searching for your products/services. That said, you do know your business better than we do so we would like to have you start by listing any keywords or phrases that you would use if you were one of your own clients/customers. You will do this simply by registering for your FREE Niche Finder account. A member of our SEO team will then contact you after reviewing the results of what you submitted. From there, we will help develop a plan that will only be implemented once you have approved it and signed off on a six (6) month contract for SEO services.


Why 6 months? That is simple. Anyone can move a website up the rankings for keywords and phrases that NO ONE uses when searching for your products/services. However, in competitive markets, it can take a little more time. We do not believe in locking clients into long-term contracts and while most of our services are based on 12 month subscriptions, SEO is more costly than website hosting and social media management. Accordingly, we want to make sure that you are pleased with our services and your results. After six months, your SEO package will be renewed on a month-by-month basis.