Welcome to MBizTools - Marketing Tools for your Business!

MBizTools stands for Mobile Business Tools and is designed to provide organizations with the digital marketing tools and programming services needed to grow in this increasingly mobile marketplace. Our list of tools and services include - personal website builder, digital business card, and Text /SMS marketing. Founded in 2013 with an emphasis on mobilizing websites for clients and native apps for Android and iOS, MBizTools takes great effort to make sure that all of its clients are able to benefit from technology used by Fortune 500 companies.

Each year, more people are turning to mobile devices. In fact, in January 2018, it was revealed that 3 out of 5 consumers check their email on the go (mobile) and 75% say they use their smartphone most often to check email. (Fluent “The Inbox report, Consumer perceptions of email”) This means that to fully engage your consumers, you need to make sure you are reaching them on their smartphones and tablets.

Mission Statement

To provide small organizations with efficient and cost effective digital marketing solutions that will enable them to grow and efficiently reach their target market in this increasingly mobile world.

MBizSites | Mobile-Friendly Websites

Search engines are prioritizing websites that load quicker and have a nice clean look on any mobile device. Accordingly, every website we build is based on the needs of smartphone and tablet users. Through the MBizSite platform, a DIY website builder, you will receive access to a cloud-based website platform that allows you to easily build or edit your website. While there are a lot of platforms out there, we are confident that when you see how easy it is to update your site through the click-to-add you will understand why so many organizations are making a move from their current platform to an MBizSite. (Note: We also help small business clients with building websites and hosting sites that utilize a WordPress or Joomla content management system. However, it is important to determine which platform is best for your organization as each has its pros and cons.)

MBizApps | Android, iOS, Progressive Web Apps

When you think of apps, you are most likely thinking of the various applications that have nice icons on your mobile device and are downloaded through either the Google Play store or iTunes. In many situations, apps can cost more than websites, but through the MBizPWA platform, we are able to create apps efficiently so that even small businesses can benefit from a custom built app. For those of you wanting to learn more, PWA stands for Progressive Web App. This is a special kind of web-app that contains functionality similar to a native app. This is so cutting edge we have started using it for the MBizCard. (Note: We use the MBizPWA platform for many apps, but we also build 100% custom apps and provide our clients with the downloadable version for use and storage on their own servers if this is a requirement. We have been privately building apps for clients since 2013.)

MBizCards | THE Mobile Business Card

The concept of the MBizCard, THE Mobile Business Card, is what first launched MBizTools in 2013. Conceived by our founder during 2012, in an effort to help job seekers share their key information and LinkedIn profiles, the MBizCard has continued to evolve each year. Did you know that 90% of business cards are thrown away within 1 week? If you are like many other people then you realize the often times the contact information on those cards is never added to a contact list because of the effort that is required to type it into the computer. With your MBizCard, not only can you easily share your digital business card with anyone that has internet accessibility, but they can easily save and download your contact information into their device's contact list. Our most recent upgrades include being shared over a SSL Certificate and more user friendly design. (Note: We offer custom branding and a great enterprise package for organizations with 10 or more individuals.)

MBizScheduler & MBiz.Pro

The MBiz.Pro platform is the newest cloud-based solution for businesses of all sizes. If your organizations has people who need to capture data and schedule meetings, then this is the perfect software for you. The scheduler component is powerful enough by itself that it has actually been broken off to create MBizScheduler. MBizScheduler is perfect for anyone who just wants a more efficient way to schedule meetings (or appointments) and integrate them with their Google Calendar. MBiz.Pro takes things to a whole new level with a built-in survey and form builder. In addition, the MBiz.Pro platform is very close to having the CRM (pipeline) component finalized which will take MBiz.Pro to a whole new level. It is also a great complement for the MBizCard!

About Our Team

Started in 2013, the MBizTools team is focused on digital marketing and the mobile movement. We stay up to date with various cloud-based platforms and always look for ways to improve our methods and tools based on features we like in other platforms. If there is another platform that is better for your needs, we will be the first to tell you. Our company was founded by a former teacher of mathematics and logistics. That is important because it explains the core values of our company: Teamwork, Education, Confidentiality, Honesty.


Before we accept any project, we provide a FREE consultation. This is conducted either online or in-person depending on your location. We do the initial consultation for FREE because we want to make sure we take the time to really understand your project. We never want to give the impression we are taking extra time during this consultation just to earn more money. You will find that during this process we are very thorough and work to gather as much information as possible so our team can begin scoping out the project. Once the free consultation ends, the actual process begins. Please see the 6-step process we follow:

Step 1: Planning

Once the consultation is over, the planning process begins. During this phase, our team begins determining what features and integrations are needed. We take the time to think through how the user will view and use the website or app. After finishing the planning process, we will provide you with an estimate for the project. If your project is a basic website we will move on to design once we finish planning since basic website proposals may have been submitted during the consultation process. Native apps will always be quoted after the planning process is completed.

Step 2: Design

At the beginning of the design process, we may send you some websites or apps to look at with ideas that might work well with your project. During the design process, we sketch what the website or app will look like. We then convert that to a digital copy for your approval. For less complicated projects, we may layout a rough template online and provide you with a link to get your feedback. No formal development will begin until you have been shown a copy of the design and has been approved by you.

Step 3: Development

After the design has been approved, our team will start coding the website or app. When available, versions will be sent to you so you can see the progress. With respect to a website, this will mean supplying you with a URL that would not show up on a Google search. As we make updates to the website design and update them to the server, you will get to see them from your computer or mobile device. If it is an app we are building, you will occasionally be sent a video preview of the project or a version that can be downloaded on your mobile device.

Step 4: Testing

While we are working on development, we will take breaks to make sure everything is working properly. You are also encouraged to click on the links and fully explore the current version you have access to. If anything is found during the testing process we will fix it before the project goes live. Note that testing is an extremely important part of the process, especially for native apps. We do have testers and even contract out the testing of the project at times to minimize any errors before launch.

Step 5: Launch

The most exciting part of the process is the launch. Along with checking back through everything before the launch we will work to make sure that everything runs smoothly during the launch. Nothing is worse than having a huge launch only to find out that something is not right and now it affects thousands of users. With respect to the actual launch, this just involves setting up the branded, custom domain correctly and potentially moving the website from the build server to the production server. When it comes to native app development, the launch process can take a little longer since uploading the native app to the corresponding platform can be a slightly time consuming process.

Step 6: Support

Just because the product is launched, does not mean our work is done. We understand that you might need help in maintaining the website or native app. Therefore, we always account for some minor bugs when scoping out a project. The goal is to minimize the number of times we are needed to maintain a website or native app. When those support requests are processed, our team will take the time needed to find and fix the bug. Many times a native app also needs to become more user-friendly. This often leads to updates with the platform and our team is ready to help take you from Version 1.0 to Version X.0.