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Mobile friendly websites are ideal if your primary focus is sharing organizational information with prospective consumers. However, if you are wanting to truly engage your consumers then a mobile app could be the perfect solution. In addition to engaging the public, native apps can also be used internally to provide guidance and support to your staff. There are 2 key benefits of native apps:

  1. Push Notifications - The ability to send out messages to everyone that has your app installed on their mobile device.
  2. Accessible without Internet Access - Your content and even videos can be stored within the app and downloaded completely to the mobile device. This means that users can view the key information even when they are not connected to the internet.

Our Native Apps are designed to fit YOUR needs. Over the last few years we have been able to provide custom, private label solutions for a number of organizations. If you have an idea and think it would make for a great app, contact us and lets have an inital consultation and scope out what it would take to build your app.


MBizApp Features

Since every app is custom, it is hard to identify features that will be available in every app we develop. Nonetheless, below are a few key features that most apps will include. Please note that this is by no means a comprehensive list. To really determine what features are available, it is best to contact us.

In-App Communication

Setting up one-touch contact buttons is important in any app. However, in native apps, it is best to make sure that you include: push notifications, geo push notifications, individual push (to a selected user), in-app messaging, and even real-time chat. Through the native app, you can efficiently communicate with your consumers, prospects, and staff. To keep users happy, it can even be set up so they have the option to turn on and off push notifications based on category.


It is easy to track users and downloads through Google Play Store and iTunes. However, more advanced analytics can also be built into the app to track a variety of functions that users are taking advantage of when using your app. After all, the more you know about their tendencies, the easier it is to determine where to invest when trying to grow your organization or make improvements to your marketing strategy.

Contests, Coupons, & Rewards

Native apps can allow you to take coupons and consumer loyalty to another level. If you have ever wanted your own punch card app or scratch card app, these are features that can be built into your app and customized to reward consumers based on the requirements you set. We can also set up QR Discounts and a QR Reader to speed up the process of redeeming the coupons. These features also encourage users to keep the app installed on their phone which enhances the value of push notifications. Think of what contests and rewards you want to provide and it can be built into your app.

Calendars & Schedulers

Calendars are valuable within apps if your organization needs them for internal use or for promoting various events it is a part of in the community. These are also ideal for events and seminars as a nicely designed calendar can provide people with the necessary information to know when events are occuring, even if they are not connected to the internet. Simple booking forms can also be created to schedule meetings or reserve locations. In addition, integrations can be made with a number of third party applications for scheduling purposes. For example, if you have a restaurante and want reservations to be made through your app, an integration with Open Table can be utilized or a custom one can be built into your app.

Geo-Locations & Maps

If your organization has a physical location, then it is extremely important that people know HOW to find it. Utilizing mapping features within your native app will help your consumers find any of your physical locations. This can be even more valuable than geo location in your website since they will likely utilize the app over your website once they have downloaded the app.

Members Only Access

If you only want a select group of individuals to use your app, then you will want to set up a membership area of the app that blocks un-invited users from seeing and sharing the information found on your app. This will allow you to protect key information that is for only paying members or select groups of your contacts.  Within the members area you can have videos, radio, discussion boards, and even job boards.


If your organization has an online shopping cart then there is a good chance you will want to have those products available on your mobile app. We can easily integrate with the following E-Commerce platforms. While we can build you one custom, if you are using any of the following it will keep your costs down during development: M Commerce, Woo Commerce, Shopify, Prestashop, Volution, Magento. In app purchases can also be created by creating your own shopping card and integrating with any of the following payment platforms: PayPal, 2Checkout, Stripe, Cash on Delivery, or Credit Card on Delivery.

Audio, Video, & Pictures

Want to provide your users with a photo gallery? How about video or audio clips? No problem, we can easily upload the files to the application and allow users to download them once they have downloaded the app. This will enable them to view or listen to the files, even when not online. This feature can be used in a variety of applications. In addition to your audio and video files, you can embed a variety of features that will make life easier for events.

Social Media Integrations

Social media integrations will often require the user to have internet access. That said, they are very popular within native apps. Along with linking to the various social media platforms, social meda pages integrations are available as well as social sharing where users can share information from you app (or the app itself) with their "friends" on social media sites, like Facebook.

Contact Forms

Forms can easily be part of your build and will allow you to capture important information as needed. When coded correctly, users can fill out forms online and the information is only sent to your database once they are reconnected to the internet. Just like with a form builder for a website, a number of fields options are available for your app.

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