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While there is no way we can answer every question you may have regarding our digital marketing services on this page, we have tried to address the frequently asked ones. As new, good questions get asked to us, we will update this to reflect our answers to those questions. Please feel free to use the form on our contact us page to submit any questions you have and a member of our team will respond in a timely manner.

Do you provide support?

Yes! There are two levels of support provided. For anyone using the cloud platforms we provide, we do provide unlimited support as it relates to use of the platform or any bugs found that affect your use of the system. We have tried to make sure that each platform has help documents and videos that will help you learn how to use them more efficiently.


However, if your support request is not a simple question, we are happy to provide you live support via phone or an online meeting. As we are a growing company, we request that you schedule a time by clicking on the "Contact Us" botton that is floating in the bottom right corner of our website.

Are your platforms drag-and-drop?

The only two platforms that have user interfaces where drag-and-drop would be a factor are the e-mail marketing platform and MBizSites website builder/editor. The MBizMail (E-News) is drag-and-drop. Once you move the widgets where you want them to go, you can easily edit the margins, padding, and colors associated with the backgrounds and borders.


MBizSites is considered a drag-and-drop platform, but we classify it as a "click-to-add" platform. This is because you can click to add widgets to the page and then use up-down arrows to move it as needed. You can also switch to a drag-and-drop mode that will allow for you to quickly move widgets up and down the page. When building your MBizSite, there are really 3 main components that help determine the layout of your site:

  1. You will start with creating a ROW. You can customize whether that row has borders, padding, and what background you want displayed (color with gradiant, an image that covers the background or repeats, or a video or slideshow on non-mobile devices).
  2. Once your row has been created, you create columns by adding CONTAINERS. Like the rows these are completely customizable. You can create borders, backgrounds and most importantly determine how responsive the column is and whether it should have a maximum width.
  3. Finally, you place your WIDGETS into the containers where you want them to appear. Like everything else, these can be edited and resized within the container. They can have their own independent padding, background, and borders. While MBizSites contains widgets for all the basic needs of your site, there is a "Custom HTML" widget that allows you to plug in any iframe or script code that allows even more customization to your site.

How does MBizSites platform compare to other website building platforms?

Before you build any website, you need to know what the purpose of your website is. If you are planning on building a very complex website that utilizes membership platforms, networking, shopping cards, and a high level of custom coding, you will probably benefit from finding a Wordpress or Joomla template to start with that allows for customization. WordPress and Joomla definitely have some great features for anyone needing a more rebust content management system.


The downside of WordPress and Joomla is that each of these platforms will have ongoing costs that include more than just bacic hosting hosting. Unfortunately, plugins and templates do not require updates at the same time so you will need to either personally make the updates or higher someone to make these updates on a regular basis. According, it is not uncommon for just very basic maintenance to cost you $40/month or more to just keep your website running and virus free.


If your website is more of an information website or basic e-commerce site, you are fine using a "drag-and-drop" platform which cost less to setup and manage moving forward. The biggest reason for this is the platforms ability to update all sites since they are stored on servers owned by the website platform provider.


When it comes to comparing other "drag-and-drop" platforms, we believe that MBizSites is more customizable and easier to use than GoDaddy's Website Builder, Weebly, and Wix. One problem that many users experience with typical "drag-and-drop" platforms is they force you to start with a template and then drag the widget to locations within that pre-definied layout. While people skilled in HTML can still create custom websites through these platforms, they are not as user friendly as MBizSites.


With MBizSites, you can start with a truly fully BLANK canvas and determine your own margins. In addition, while many platforms make you choose between only a few color options for buttons, MBizSites allows ALL parts of your website to be customized. You can have buttons be completely different colors throughout the site. In addition, you can determine which parts of the website have NO margin and which sections fit within a specific width or percentage of screen width.

Do your packages cover hosting and domain management?

All of our cloud-based platform packages include hosting and domain management. With respect to your domain, by default your website will have your account ID with as the primary domain. An example of this is: ACCOUNTID.MBIZ.INFO. This makes sure that your site is live once you publish it. If you want to only brand the subdomain, you can quickly change it from your account ID to any available subdoamin. However, if you want a completely custom domain, you can easily do that within the system as well. You simply access your domain and create a CNAME that points to YOURSITE.MBIZ.INFO and then make sure that you enter your custom domain in the appropriate location of your MBizSite Dashboard.


As a special bonus for any organization that wants us to manage their domain, we do include 1 domain FREE (.com, .info, .me, .net, .us) to you for use with your paid MBizSite account. The biggest reason for providing you this value is that it is easier for us to provide you support if we can quickly access your domain.


Please note that if we do manage your domain, we do not OWN your domain. Any domain we claim for a customer is owned by the customer. This means that if you ever wanted to transfer your domain to another provider you can take comfort knowing we will help you transfer the domain to your new provider. Remember that if we claim your custom domain, we cannot transfer it to another domain provider until after it has been in our account for 60 days.

What can I put in the custom HTML widget?

This is a good question. The answer is just about anything. You can embed an iframe or javascript code from another cloud-based platform. You can embed videos, social media profiles, complex forms or surveys, and even online shopping carts. We know how important it is to manage your costs so we are including some suggestions of platforms that have a FREE option you can use and try out.



  • We have partnered with LoCalendar and are pleased to provide you with a FREE premium level package if you are using any of our services. To take advantage of the free premium features you must sign up through our link. We will send it to you once you are a client. With LoCalendar, you can choose from a handful of widgets and customize the color scheme of your calendar. You can allow visitors to add events or you can completely control it yourself. This is perfect if you have a Google calendar you want to display on your website. It's look is much cleaner and it has a Google Calendar integration that will pull the events from your Google Calendar and add them to your LoCalendar.

Form Builders

  • Jotform - Robust form builder that has a number of great features and widgets. We used it for some of our forms on this website. Check out the functionality at the bottom of our MBizCards page where the Enterprise Package order form is located
  • Docsmore - This form builder is more designed for converting your paper forms into online forms to make your office "paperless". You are able to embed their forms into your custom HTML widget as well. Note that you will want them to take up most of the page as they represent an 8.5x11 size sheet of paper. This is perfect though if you want to embed contracts or client forms into your website.
  • Powr - This platform has more basic forms, but it offers great customization and is easy to edit on the fly. We do not use their form platform as much but a lot of their other widgets really can enhance the look of your website.


  • Testimonial Tree - This is one of the best testimonial platforms available. You can get your account at a significantly discounted rate through us. Use the previously provided link to just LEARN about the platform. If you want this service, contact us to find out how you can get it through us for over 55% off!


  • Ecwid - This platform does provide a basic shopping cart platform at a FREE level. There are also paid packages that can really enhance your e-commerce capabilities. Mixed in with our flexible design features you can make a website stands out.
  • Jotform - This platform is mentioned again because it is a great E-Commerce solution for small online stores that have just a few products and services. It also allows for subscription payments.
  • Powr - We love Powr for their menus widget and customizable PayPal buttons. While this is not a robust e-commerce platform, they have a number of plugins that allow for the sale of various products and services. It also allows for subscription payments. You will see it in use on our MBizSites page where our packages use one of their plugins.

Videos & Multimedia

  • Wistia - While there are a number of other platforms, this is by far our favorite. Some of the videos on our platform are hosted in our Wistia account. Some great Wistia features are a fully responsive embed code that sizes the video correctly as the screen size changes. This is a feature that is overlooked in a number of platforms including Vimeo. In addition, it has a number of call-to-action features that can be easily added to your video from within their platform. Want to replace a video on your website but don't want to upload to Wistia and recode your website? Simply use the "Replace Video" feature and you don't have to touch any coding on your website. We could have easily used the Wistia version for all of our emails but wanted to show you how videos would look on your site if you just uploaded the video to your MBizSite account and used the html5 video player coding.
  • Powr - This platform has a nice video slider that you can put on your website. It also allows you to upload .mp3 files and play them through your website.

Depending on the cloud platforms you are using for your business, there may be some special features they allow you to embed on your website. All of these would be good options. If you need more ideas, check out

Do you have any hidden costs?

No. We try to be very transparent and forward with the costs. If you start with one of our free platforms then it is either clearly marked when signed up or before you try the free platform. Please note that you are NOT asked to provide your payment information for FREE accounts unless you want to upgrade to a paid plan. You can upgrade the MBizMail (E-News) and MBizSoPro from within your account. We are not quite ready to allow you to upgrade your MBizSite plan from within the system but that will probably come sometime in 2017.


We included all the key functionality you would need for your MBizSite and MBizCards within their packages. However, we do also allow for custom HTML within both platforms. This means that if there is a third party platform you want to embed in your account, you may have costs associated with those features.

Does MBizSites allow for blogging?

While the platform was built for mobile friendly websites and landing pages, we have integrated Blog Engine. This is not as customizable as blogging through the WordPress platform. If you are truly wanting to be a big blogger there are other solutions we would recommend. That said, you can easily integrate Blog Engine with your MBizSite from the MBizSite Dashboard. In order to help brand the blog to match your website, you will want to create a BLANK website page with JUST your Header/Menu row. Then get the html code for this page and add it to the custom header section of your Blog Engine account.

Do you build WordPress websites?

The short answer is, "Yes." We can and will build sites on a variety of platforms including WordPress and Joomla for our clients. The vast majority of our clients use the MBizSites platform. However, we always put the client's needs ahead of our platforms. There are definitely sites that are better built on platforms like WordPress and Joomla and we are happy to use those platforms as needed for your website.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

We do not offer a money-back guarantee on any monthly subscriptions. However, anything you subscribe to that is an annual subscription or lifetime subscription comes with a no-questions asked 30 day money-back guarantee.

Why are some of your platforms not on a SSL?

This is a great question, especially since we talk about the importance of using an SSL on your website. You will notice that the dashboard for many of our applications is not using a SSL Certificate. While this is something we may pursue further in the coming year, the actual dashboard is not asking for any personal/secure information. Also, one of the reasons we emphasize SSL Certificates is for Google search rankings. We are not worried about how the application itself ranks on Google or other search engines.

With respect to the ability to submit payment through the platforms, we are integrated with Stripe and they have a very rigorous process for making sure their platform is secure. While our page is not on a SSL, the widgets used for accepting payment are securely provided by Stripe.

If you would prefer to upgrade any of your accounts through our invoicing process, we are more than happy to assist you with this and will provide you with a direct link that enables you to submit the payment over a clearly marked SSL Certificate.

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