MBizSites - Personal Responsive Website Builder

When MBizTools first launched, we focused primarily on mobilizing existing websites. Over the last three years, however, the MBizSites platform has been upgraded to allow for fully customizable websites that are mobile friendly. Now you can use this platform to mobilize your current website or create a new responsive website. Two key features are:

  • Its ability to be 100% customizable via the HTML5 platform on which it is built. Unlike many other do-it-yourself website builder, you can actually start your website with a completely blank canvas. This includes NO margins, NO templates, just available widgets, and the ability to utilize custom HTML.
  • Cloud based platform that automatically updates so there are NO templates or widgets that need to be updated by you at anytime.

We hope you will take the time to checkout some of the sample sites and learn more about the various features. If at any time you would like to see a demo of the platform, please click the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of the page and schedule a meeting.


Whether you utilize the MBizSite website builder platform for your small business or need to build your website using another content management system, we can help with the build and ongoing search engine optimization.

Sample Websites built via MBizSites

MBizSite Features

We are excited to share with you the MBizSite platform. Look through the features below and contact us if you would like to see an online demonstration or have any questions.


The MBizSites Dashboard provides you with basic statistics related to how many people have visited your website and can drill down to number of views for each page. In addition, it will show you how many people have clicked on buttons to contact you. To take your statistics to another level, all you have to do is provide your Google Analytics UA code using the cooresponding link in the dashboard. It will then apply the necessary header code to all pages of your website automatically so you can track more detailed statistics through your Google Analytics account.

Calendars & Schedulers

Do you have a number of events that you want visitors to learn about? Do you need a booking or scheduler widget embedded into your website? Your MBizSite provides you with the abilty to efficiently set this up. First, we provide ALL MBizSite accounts with a FREE Webmaster LoCalendar package ($49.95 value). This enables you to create your own online calendar and post events to your website. The platform even integrates with Google Calendar and Outlook so you take your current calendar and publish it to your website. If you need to utilize booking or scheduling software, we recommend that you contact us either before or after you have set up your MBizSite subscription.

Contact Forms

Contact forms are an important part of most websites. The MBizSite Form Widget allows you to embed in a contact form with a variety of field options. These forms can then be integrated with over 500 cloud-based applications including CRMs (customer relationship management systems), e-mail marketing platforms, and SMS (text message) marketing platforms. If you need more advanced forms that allow for workflow processes or conditionals, we recommend utilizing a third-party form builder. The two third-party form builders that we recommend are Docsmore and Jotform. Docsmore is designed if you are wanting to convert a paper form into an online form allowing a nicely designed PDF output upon successful completion of the form. Jotform is more of a database form where your main interest is just in capturing the information.

Coupons & Loyalty

All MBizSite packages come with the ability to provide digital coupons to customers in an effort to drive more traffic into your physical location. You can customize your coupons to include a barcode image so it integrates with your point-of-sale platform and automatically applies it once shown at the register. You can also set it up so the coupon works at only specific locations or can only be redeemed by managers. In addition to coupons, you can track purchases, visits, or even referrals using the Loyalty Platform (MBizSite+). Provide bonuses or rewards to people who support your organization. Each person is tracked by their personal identification number. We recommend using their mobile phone number (great way to capture this information).


You will see below that we can provide you with a SSL Certificate that will help secure the data transmitted over your website. This along with the PayPal integration allows you to easily create an on-line shopping cart. If you are wanting to utilize another credit-card processing application, then you can use the Custom HTML feature to embed a shopping cart from another provider or payment form directly into your website. Feel free to check out Ecwid or Shopify. If you have any questions on how to embed your store from these providers into your MBizSite, please contact us and our team will be happy to help you.

Geo-Locations & Maps

If your organization has a physical location, then it is extremely important that people know HOW to find it. With the Google Maps integration, you simply add a Map Widget to your website and complete the address information. When visitors click on your map, they will be redirected to Google Maps and the ability to get directions from their current location. As an added bonus, if you have multiple locations, you will love the Geo-Location Widget. This allows you to set up each location separately and embed in 1 map. You can have the map show the closest location or all the locations. This type of technology is used by many of the national chains on their apps and websites.

Mobile Friendly

Originally built as a platform to help mobilze websites, the MBizSite platform is now a responsive click-to-add website builder that allows you to easily edit the design for small and large screens. This enables you to completely customize the look and adjust individual details relating to margins, padding, background colors, radius of corners, font sizes, and much more for EVERY widget used in the website. Through this process you are able to make sure the look and feel of your website meets your expectations.

One-Click Contact Buttons

Regardless of what type of device people are using, you want to make sure that getting in touch with you is EASY. Accordingly, you add one-click buttons and links throughout your website to make sure people can either call, text, or e-mail you anytime. You can also integrate with third party platforms like we did to provide a "Contact Us" scheduler widget. These additions can efficiently be added by simply copying the embed code from the provider and pasting it into a Custom HTML widget. Most third-party platforms are easy to use and provide you with a SECURE embed code that can be placed on your website.

Social Media Integrations

As various social media platforms are either growing or being developed, it is important to make sure that your follows can easily connect, friend, or like you online. Accordingly we have a number of ways this can be done on your MBizSite. The first is through the Social Bar which allows you to place a link to each social media profile your organization has. You can also use Social Buzz to get them to directly like your Facebook page from your website or easily share your website with others using E-mail or Twitter. Finally, you can utilize the Custom HTML widget to embed any code provided by the corresponding social media platform directly into your website. If you want a really neat way of embedding social media profiles, a plugin from Powr can be used integrate up to 10 profiles into one easy to view widget.

SSL Certificate

With the MBizSite platform, we can easily provide you with a SSL Certificate that ensures the data transmitted over the site is encrypted and secure! This is extremely important if you are wanting to request sensitive information via the customizable contact form. It also allows for you to embed secure forms and widgets from other platforms. This is also important if you are wanting to sell products and services over your website. In addition, Google announced that in 2017, they would downgrade any website that is NOT on a SSL certificate and mark it as Not Secure in red letters on their Chrome browser.

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