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What is MBizConnect?

MBizConnect is our term for efficiently staying in contact with your consumers, leads, and strategic partners. There are a lot of platforms that can help with this process. We believe that the solutions we provide for e-mail marketing, SMS (text message) marketing, and social media management are as good as any. You will find that their value and ease of use helps to make your life easier when reaching your contacts on the go.

MBizShare | E-News

This is definitely an exciting platform as e-newsletters and drip campaigns are popular within the marketing world. It has been set up so that you can take advantage of the drip marketing feature even on the FREE version. This way as your organization is growing you can build your list correctly. It is extremely easy to import contact lists and we can even integrate with your website or other cloud platforms (contact us for assistance).


Other key features include the abilit to set up a private server which allows you to build your brand and strengthen your domain as more quality emails are sent out. Before you get to that stage of your business however, the platforms allows for verification of domains and even lets your mask and verify the domains used for sharing images within the emails. This helps to completely brand your emails and reduce the amount of spam.


The MBizShare platform is the first platforms we had that allows clients to efficiently share their updates with customers. Accordingly it was called MBizShare and not something email related. When we went through a merger, it was renamed E-news. Accordingly, we are keeping both names on the platform so that current and former clients are not as confused.


Click on the link below to create your FREE account and give MBizShare a test drive.


With the SoPro Platform, you can efficiently manage your key social media accounts and profiles. It helps you efficiently view statistics and schedules posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter. In addition, you can use the built-in image editor to upload photos and select a template that will automatically size correctly to fit within the posts. You can then add text to the photos to make them more appealing to the viewers.


When scheduling posts, you can easily select the date and time of the post which allows you to plan ahead and build a pipeline of posts that will help enhance your brand. To make it even more powerful, you can save RSS feeds, Google News keywords, and event YouTube search terms to quickly find resources that can provide extra value to your posts.


In the event you do not have time to manage your own social media, our team is standing by to create and schedule posts to your various accounts. We even provide you with a special Business Profiler that ensures the focus you want on your social media profiles is followed when creating and scheduling posts.


SMS (Text Message) Marketing is one of the most efficient ways to reach you contacts. While it is often more difficult to get a contact's mobile number than their email address, it is worth the effort. Roughly 95% of all text messages are read and with the growing number of smartphone users, embedded links are getting clicked and viewed at a higher rate than just 2 years ago. Once your contact's phone numbers have been added to the platform, you can send them a variety of message types:

  • Basic Text Message: Simply send them a message that you want them read and it will be quickly sent to their phones. You can even add a drip marketing component and schedule a series of text messages to be sent.
  • Text-to-Win Contests: With this feature, you can select from you full list of contacts or you can choose from ones who either opt-in or re-opt-in between a specific time frame.
  • Polls / Surveys: Use the platform to conduct quick polls. This simple process can help you with a variety of business decisions.
  • Mobile Coupons: Provide contacts with a special coupon for either opting in or to announce a special promotion. These coupons are then stored on a special account that cooresponds with the users cell phone number. They can then access the coupon at anytime and redeem at your location.
  • Birthday Wishes: Do you know the birthdays of your contacts? Sending a personal text message is a great way of sms marketing to stay connected with your consumers.
  • Appointment Reminders: Upload a .csv file that contains your contact's information and their scheduled appointment. The text messaging marketing platform will then send out reminders based on the schedule of your choosing.

CONTACT US FOR AN ONLINE DEMONSTRATION AND TO DISCUSS PRICING. We provide the MBizSMS platform at a discounted rate based on what other MBizTools platforms you are using.

FREE Image Designer!

We have set up a special image designer that you can use at anytime. There are 7 image designers that are part of the platform:

Simple click on the link above and begin desiging the perfect image for your website, social media posts, or printed material. You can upload images to the design and save your work by clicking "Save" in the upper right corner. This will download a .xml file to your device. This file can be uploaded at anytime and you can resume editing. If you click the "Download" icon, you will be saving an uneditable, flattened image. It is designed to be print or web ready. All files are stored on your device and can be uploaded at any time.