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Welcome to THE Mobile Business Card. Since 2012, we have worked to build the best mobile business card platform. Over the years we have evolved the digital business card from a simple smartphone only (600 pixels wide) layout to the current responsive design. Listening to user feedback, we made the changes that allow the MBizcards to be on a SSL Certificate and adjusted the layout so that it has a cleaner look with the ability to securely embed any custom script code or iframe. This includes the ability to embed more than just YouTube videos and we can now even upload and embed videos directly for MBizCard users.


From an entrepreneur's perspective, the card is positioned to help promote all aspects of the business they are building. As the organization grows, our electronic business card can adapt and be customized to allow sales teams with special features that help provide more focus to their current and prospective clients. Finally, the upgrades allow for an enhanced Enterprise Package for organizations who want their virtual business cards on a custom, branded domain.


Endorsed By Steve Black!


MBizCard Features

We just made some huge upgrades to the MBizCard platform and are excited about sharing them with you. Checkout the features listed below and contact us to learn more about how the new SSL Certificate and Custom Embed Code features can work to your advantage!

Referral Form

We believe stronlgy in the power of referral marketing. Accordingly, we have ALWAYS made sure that a referral form is a focal part of the MBizCard. Through it, your connections can easily submit a referral to you. Once the referral is submitted, you will receive notification that you have a new lead with their contact information. The referral will also receive an email that introduces you and provides them with a link to your MBizCard. YOU can also use this form to quickly submit new leads to yourself when on the go. With only 2 required fields it can help you efficiently share your MBizCard.


One of the features we removed (at least for now) is the user dashboard. It was getting very little use as the main feature was the ability to review basic statistics. Instead, we replaced it with the ability to add your Google Analytics ID so you can track all the statistics through your Google Analytics account. All you need to do is provide your UA number and we will make sure it is correctly added to your MBizCard.

One-Click Contact Icons

The goal of your MBizCard is to encourage people to contact you over the competition. Accordingly, it is important that all the necessary contact icons are readily available so they can be clicked efficiently by the end user. The one-click contact icons include phone call, text message, email, and all relevant social medial platforms so users can easily like, follow, and friend you.

Google Map / Directions

If your organization has a physical location, then it is extremely important that people know HOW to find it. With the Google Maps integration, you simply add your physical location and the necessary links are generated so that users can click a button and receive directions from their current location. The maps feature is turned off for anyone that does not have a physical address.

SSL Certificate

The recently applied SSL Certificate on the MBizCards platform ensures the data transmitted over the MBizCard is encrypted and secure! This is extremely important if you are wanting to request sensitive information via the customizable contact form. It also allows for you to embed secure forms and widgets from other platforms. This is also important if you are wanting to sell products and services through your MBizCard. In addition, Google announced that in 2017, they would downgrade any website that is NOT on a SSL certificate and mark it as Not Secure in red letters on their Chrome browser.

Custom HTML

One of the biggest reasons we added the SSL Certificate was so users can embed any html code into their MBizCard in one of two locations. Don't know what to embed? Try a video, lead generation form, shopping cart, mortgage or lease calculator, social media plugin, or testimonial widget. If you want a good custom form builder, check out either Jotform or Powr. If you want to collect and display testimonials, take advantage of our special add on and utilize the best testimonial platform available. While we can host videos for you, our favorite platform is Wistia which features a nice responsive player.

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Choose the payment option that works best for you. Note that if you choose monthly, you can cancel anytime. However, if you choose annual, you will receive the equivalent of 2 months free!

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Enterprise Account

One of the best parts of the recent MBizCard upgrade is the new Enterprise Account platform. All Enterprise Accounts will be private labeled (white labeled). This is means it is a perfect solution for any organization that wants to completely customize the branding on each card and remove all reference to MBizCards and MBizTools. Below are key features associated with the Enterprise Accounts.

Custom Design

We will tweak the overall design of the MBizCard to better fit the needs of your organization. This includes color schemes, sizing of embedded widgets, and hosting of files that need to be embedded into the MBizCard template. Additional templates can be added for a one-time investment of $50/template.

Searchable Directory

In addition to your MBizCards, we will create a special landing page or a widget that can be embedded on your website that allows for a searchable directory of your staff. Search criteria based on your various custome MBizCard fields. Typically, the search directory is based around name, position, and location.

Custom Domain

All MBizCards created for your Enterprise Account will be generated on a domain that enhances the brand of your organization. In addition to customizing the domain, we will provide the corresponding SSL Certificate. Custom domain options include setting up a subdomain on your domain or acquiring a special domain just for your MBizCards.

Testimonial Tree Account

In an effort to help provide more value to your organization, we are excited to provide you with a complimentary account to Testimonial Tree. Widgets can be created and embedded into your MBizCards and your organization's website and Facebook page! The easy to request testimonial process will prove to be a great final step of your sales process and the great testimonials will help your team generate new leads.

Monthly Subscription

Enterprise Accounts are invoiced monthly for your convenience. This allows you to only invest in the number of cards you actually need. Each month your invoice will be adjusted based on the current number of cards. While individual accounts can receive 2 months free when paid annually, Enterprise Accounts receive significant volume based discounts which helps save your organization more in the long run than 2 months free per MBizCard.


Please note that we invoice monthly and all invoices are generated on the first of the month with payment due by the 15th of each month. If a check or credit card payment has not been made by that date your account will be suspended until payment has been received. If you place an order on the 25th of a month you will be invoiced again on the 1st of the next month and the number of MBizCards is based on the number of active cards on the last day of the previous month.

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