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MBizTools stands for Mobile Business Tools and is designed to provide organizations with the digital marketing tools and programming services needed to grow in this increasingly mobile marketplace. Our list of tools and services include - personal website builder, digital business card, email & Text /SMS marketing. Founded in 2013 with an emphasis on mobilizing websites for clients and native apps for Android and iOS, MBizTools takes great effort to make sure that all of its clients are able to benefit from technology used by Fortune 500 companies.

Each year, more people are turning to mobile devices. In fact, in 2015, 68% of e-mails were opened on a mobile device! This means that to fully engage your consumers, you need to make sure you are reaching them on their smartphones and tablets.

Make sure that you take a little bit of time to learn about all of our tools. If you have a question, simply click on the Support tab located at the bottom of this page.

Mission Statement

To provide small organizations with efficient and cost effective digital marketing solutions that will enable them to grow and efficiently reach their target market in this increasingly mobile world.

MBizApps - Mobile App Builder

When you think of apps, you are most likely thinking of the various applications that have nice icons on your mobile device and are downloaded through either the Google Play store or iTunes. In many situations, apps can cost more than websites, but through our MBizApps platform, we are able to create apps efficiently so that even small businesses can benefit from a custom built app. While it has been in the works for a while, we are excited about the late 2016 launch of MBizApps, our platform that allows clients to more efficiently manage and track key features related to their custom app built on this platform. (Note: We use our MBizApp platform for many apps but also have and are willing to build 100% custom apps and provide our clients with the downloadable version for use and storage on their own servers if this is a requirement. We have been privately building apps for clients since 2013.)

MBizCards - Electronic Business Card for MBizCards

The concept of the MBizCard, your virtual business card is what first launched MBizTools. Conceived by our founder in an effort to help job seekers share their key information and LinkedIn profiles, the MBizCard has continued to evolve each year. Did you know that 90% of business cards are thrown away within 1 week? If you are like many other people then you realize the often times the contact information on those cards is never added to a contact list because of the effort that is required to type it into the computer. With your MBizCard, not only can you easily share your digital business card with anyone that has internet accessibility, but they can easily save and download your contact information into their device's contact list. Our most recent upgrades include being shared over a SSL Certificate and more user friendly design. (Note: We offer custom branding and a great enterprise package for organizations with 10 or more individuals.)

MBizConnect - Text/SMS Marketing

As technology continues to improve, it has become much easier to reach your current consumers, leads, and target market. Social media and understanding how online advertising works is a great start to help cultivate leads so you can build a database. Once you have a database of consumers and leads, the real question is, "How do I continue to engage these people?" While fewer people are opening emails they believe to be designed for marketing, e-mails and specifically e-newsletters continues to be a method that efficiently can reach thousands of people at a LOW cost. In addition, the value of SMS (text message) marketing has grown as 95% of people view the text messages they receive. Finally, there is a neat telemarketing platform called ringless drop which enables you to place messages directly on people's voicemail. (Note: Depending on your needs, we will either provide you with access to the platform or recommend a managed plan in which we create and monitor your various e-news, SMS, and social media campaigns. Each service is separate but can be bundled together to help save you money.)

MBizSites - Personal Website Builder

As each year passes, it is not enough to just have a website. It has become increasingly more important that it is responsive (mobile friendly). Search engines are prioritizing websites that load quicker and have a nice clean look on any mobile device. Accordingly, every website we build is based around the needs of smartphone and tablet users. With a majority of website searches taking place on a smartphone or tablet, it is important that the website responds correctly so users can easily find what they are looking for on the site. Through the MBizSite, a DIY website builder, you will receive access to a cloud based website platform that allows you to easily build or edit your website. While there are a lot of platforms out there, we are confident that when you see how easy it is to update your site through the click-to-add you will understand why so many organizations are making a move from their current platform to a MBizSite. (Note: We also help small business clients with building websites and hosting sites that utilize a WordPress or Joomla content management system. However, it is important to determine which platform is best for your organization as each has its pros and cons.)

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